Clash Royale – Top 5 Spell Cards

Hello friends! This post will be about the Top 5 Spell cards in Clash Royale! Feel free to leave a comment below to let us know what other cards you feel should be in the Top 5 and which cards should not!

Note: The 5 Cards are not in any order!


Number 1: Fireball

fireballThe Fireball, is finally starting to replace the Zap and Arrows. It costs only 4 Elixir while the Zap and Arrows cause 2 and 3 Elixir respectively. With a cost of 1-2 Elixir more, allows you to have a spell that deals much more damage.

  • The Fireball can be used both defensively and offensively.
  • Deals decent amount of damage. Able to weaken the troops such as the Barbarians, or to even destroy them!
  • Able to deal quite a bit of damage to the Towers, hence allowing you to steal a victory.
  • Can be used to destroy range troops such as the Three Musketeers. Which gives you an elixir advantage!
  • The Fireball can be used to weaken building cards such as the Goblin Hut, hence decreasing the amount of Spear Goblins produced.

    Number 2: Freeze

    freezeThe Freeze, at a cost of just 4 Elixir, is one of the most overpowered spell. It basically stops everything within it’s AoE from attacking or moving. The spell is one half of the notorious combo, the Hog+Freeze Combo.

  • The Freeze basically allows you to have free hits on opponent’s tower.
  • Can be used both defensively and offensively.
  • Forces opponent to spend even more elixir as they have no choice but to react if you are using the Hog+Freeze combo.
  • Stops everything within it’s AoE from moving or attacking.
  • Very useful against glass cannon troops such as the Prince.


    Number 3: Zap

    zapThe Zap, at a cost of just 2 Elixir, it is the cheapest spell. Even though it is the cheapest spell, it is one of the better spells!

  • Elixir friendly, the Zap allows you to deal a small amount of damage, but it provides you with a one second stun.
  • The one second stun is able to stop the charge of the Dark Prince and Prince. It is also able to change the Royal Giant’s target.
  • Zap allows you to weaken troops such as the Minion Horde and you will only require one hit from your tower to destroy it.
  • The Zap does not have a travel time unlike the Arrows or Fireball.


    Number 4: Rage

    rageAt a cost of just 3 Elixir, the Rage is able to give you tons of advantage in battles. It grants your troops/buildings within its AoE extra attack and movement speed.

  • Extremely huge AoE, ensures that all your troop gets the effect!
  • Versatile. Can be used, both defensively and offensively. All building/troops within its AoE gets extra attack and movement speed, which in turns, allows you to deal more damage to opponent’s buildings/troops.
  • Very beneficial for troops that move do not move at a fast rate and they only target buildings, such as the Balloon.
  • The Rage, can be used on your spawn buildings or your Elixir Collector to fasten its production rate.


    Number 5: Rocket

    rocketLastly, the Rocket. The spell that deals the most amount of damage.

  • Able to destroy or weaken buildings significantly.
  • Reduces the amount of spawns from buildings significantly.
  • Able to destroy most troops/significantly weaken tank troops.
  • Can be used to wipe out semi-tank troops such as the Barbarians/Prince.
  • The Rocket, can be used to deal huge amount of damage to Towers.
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