Clash Royale – Top 5 Cards for Defending

Hello friends! This post will be about the Top 5 Cards I feel that are extremely good defensively! Feel free to leave a comment below to let us know what other cards you feel should be in the Top 5!

Note: The 5 Cards are not in any order!


Number 1: Valkyrie

valkyrieThe Valkyrie, is one of the most underrated card in Clash Royale. It only costs 4 Elixir, but it gives you a card that deals decent amount of splash damage and tank. Here are the reasons why it is one of the most underrated card.

  • A well placed Valkyrie, is able to take down the entire wave of attack your opponent has to offer. For example, the Barbarians with the Wizard.
  • The Valkyrie, is able to take down most troops with the help of your tower, while also preventing your tower from receiving any damage.
  • It can be paired up with other supporting troops such as the Archers as it only costs 4 Elixir.
  • It is able to survive spells such as the Fireball.

    Number 2: Inferno Tower

    inferno_towerThe Inferno Tower, costing just 5 Elixir, is one the best building card in Clash Royale. It allows you to melt down tank troops, hence exposing your opponent’s backline, which usually consists of cards that deal the most amount of damage.

  • It is extremely effective against tanky troops such as the Golem. Its damage increases overtime, hence allowing it to deal the amount of damage no troop or spell can ever deal in a single hit.
  • A well placed Inferno Tower can destroy the tank card without any assistance.
  • It is able to attack both air and land units. Which means that it can be used to defend against any card!
  • Can be easily paired up with a troop that deals splash damage such as the Wizard to destroy opponent’s swarm. As players will usually deploy a swarm with tank troops.

    Number 3: Fireball

    fireballThe Fireball, is an overlooked spell, only until recently has it been used by more players. At a cost of just 4 Elixir, it deals much more damage as compared to the Zap and Arrows. Which cost 2 and 3 Elixir respectively.

  • The Fireball, if aimed correctly, is able to knock troops back, hence they will have to walk to your tower again, which will result in lesser damage received!
  • The Fireball, is able to weaken the Barbarians to around 10% of hitpoints remaining, depending on the level of both cards. This cannot be achieved with the Arrows or Zap.
  • The Fireball, is able to destroy troops at the backline with decent hitpoints such as the Musketeer or Wizard.
  • Can be used to wipe out the Three Musketeers!

    Number 4: Bomber

    bomberWhat is low-costing, while also providing you with tons of damage? You got the answer, the Bomber. It is however one of the most underrated card and it is seldom used by players. Costing just 3 Elixir, it gives you tons of splash damage. Pair it up with a tank card and your defense will be will be close to invincible. The Bomber, is just like the Wizard just that it is not able to attack air troops.

  • A well placed Bomber, is able to destroy swarms of troops such as the Spear Goblins and Archers.
  • A well placed Bomber is able to wipe out the Barbarians.
  • Costing just 3 Elixir, you can easily pair it up with other troops, such as the Wizard or even the Barbarians.

    Number 5: Bomb Tower

    bomb_towerTo round out our top 5 list, we have the Bomb Tower. One of the most hated card in the game. The Bomb Tower, provides you with tons of splash damage against ground troops.

  • The Bomb Tower, is able to wipe out the Barbarians with ease.
  • The Bomb Tower, is able destroy backline troops such as the Musketeer.
  • Backing the Bomb Tower up with troops that deal single-target hitting damage such as the Prince, forms one of the most overpowered defense ever.
  • The Bomb Tower, is able to tank some damage as well while also baiting troops such as the Hog Rider to target it, instead of your Tower.
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