Clash Royale – How to Gain Experience Faster?

Experience, in Clash Royale, can only be earned through Donating of Cards, Unlocking of Achievements and Upgrading of Cards. In Clash Royale, it is also known as the “King Level”. Do note that Experience cannot be earned by fighting battles or opening of chests do not grant you Experience.

  • Join an Active Clan. An active Clan will have more clanmates requesting for cards. Hence, you can donate more frequently to your clanmates. However, you should only donate cards that you DO NOT NEED. A Normal Card gives you 1 Experience while a Rare Card gives you 10 Experience. With an Active Clan, you will also have a higher chance of having people donating to you, hence allowing you to upgrade your Cards faster. To find out more about Clans, click here.

  • Unlock In-game Achievements. These are the Achievements currently available. Click here to find out more.

  • Upgrading your Cards. However, I would strongly recommend you NOT to upgrade cards you seldom use and only upgrade cards you use frequently, because gold is very scarce in this game. Click here to find out more about How you can Maximize your Gold in Clash Royale.

    The most efficient way to gain Experience is to join a very active clan as you are able to donate more frequently. Also, Clash Royale is a very slow game, so, do not expect yourself to get to a very high level in a very short period of time. Also, with the table shown below, you should have a rough gauge of how long you need to actually get to Level 12.

    Below, shows the amount of Experience needed to reach the next Level. Do note that the max Level is currently at Level 12.

    Level Experience
    1 20
    2 50
    3 100
    4 200
    5 400
    6 1,000
    7 2,000
    8 5,000
    9 10,000
    10 30,000
    11 80,000
    12 100,000


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