Clash Royale – Ways to use Spells


Arrows – Most of the time, Players use Arrows to destroy squishy units which usually comes in groups. For example, Skeleton Army, Minion Hordes and Spear Goblins. It is one of the best spell to wipe out squishy units, if not the best as you will only spend 3 Elixir to wipe out the entire group of troops, for example the Minion Horde which costs 5 Elixir. Hence, giving you an Elixir advantage. It is also arguably the best Spell Card among Clash Royale Players!


Fireball – An upgraded version of Arrows. It deals more damage, but it costs 4 Elixir and it’s radius is smaller. Hence, making it harder to aim. The Fireball is mostly used to clear smaller wave of troops while also dealing significant amount damage to opponent’s Towers. It can also be used to destroy a Tower that has low remaining hitpoint, to steal a victory.


Freeze – The Freeze spell costs 4 Elixir and it can be used defensively and offensively. It is also able to form combos with your Cards. When used defensively, it is mostly used to Freeze opponent’s Damage Card, for example, the Prince. Which then allows your Towers and Defensive units to destroy the Prince. Offensively, it can be used with the Hog Rider. The Freeze spell, freezes opponent’s Tower and units in the AoE, while allowing the Hog Rider to attack the Tower without receiving much damage if used properly.


Goblin Barrel – The Goblin Barrel costs 4 Elixir and it is mostly used offensively. Seldom used defensively as the Goblins can be destroyed easily. Most of the time, it is used to backdoor opponent’s Towers by allowing your tank Card to soak the damage while deploying it behind the Tower. Can also be used for counterattacking. However, it can be easily wiped out by a card that deals Splash Damage or a spell such as Arrows.


Lightning – Not a very good spell as it costs 6 Elixir and it can only strike 3 units. However, it can be used to take down building cards as well as dealing significant damage to opponent’s Towers. Seldom used defensively, but it is good against damage cards such as the Prince. Do note that it will target the units that has the highest hitpoints remaining if there are more than 3 units inside the AoE.


MirrorDuplicates the latest Card you just used. A very devastating combo would be to use the Mirror on your Prince. This works especially well in the early stages of the game when you deploy two Prince at different sides of the map. Opponent’s have to definitely use a strong Card to defend against a Prince, hence giving you an Elixir Advantage.


Rage – The Rage spell costs 3 Elixir and it increases damage and movement speed. Mostly used offensively when you have a swarm of units. When used properly and when opponent’s do not have any spells or cards that splash damage, you will definitely be able to deal significant amount of damage.


Rocket – The Rocket costs 6 elixir and it is the spell that deals the most damage. It is mostly used offensively to deal huge amount of damage to opponent’s Tower, or to even steal a victory. If used defensively, you can use it to deal damage to tank troops or single-hitting target unit such as the Prince.


Zap – Looks similar to the Lightning, but it works differently. It deals damage to all troops in the AoE, but the damage is lower as compared to the lightning. To make up for the damage, it stuns the troops in the AoE for one second. To maximize the stun, it is best used with supporting Cards to deal damage while the units are stunned!


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