Clash Royale – Videos for Beginners

Hello Clash Royale Players! As promised, here are a few videos we find beneficial for beginners, and for people who have not yet started playing.

We will be continually updating this page with better and new videos!

This page serves as another way for us to reach out to players as they are able to hear and see how some strategy works, instead of just reading them!

Do feel free to reach out to us and let us know if you have any videos for beginners!

Without further ado, here are a few videos we find beneficial for you guys!


Chief Pat – Clash Royale and Clash of Clans – Let’s Play Clash Royale Ep. #1: The Basics!

This video will be going through Clash Royale during the Tutorial. It is useful for players who have not downloaded this game yet, and for people who want to see the game looks like. In this video, he also goes through the Basics of the game such as how you can get chests and what some cards you have in the beginning does!


Chief Pat – Clash Royale and Clash of Clans – Let’s Play Clash Royale Ep. #2: Multiplayer Battles

In this video, you will learn more about battle strategies and how you can defend against different troops as well as how you can unlock the Crown Chest.


Chief Pat – Clash Royale and Clash of Clans – Let’s Play Clash Royale Ep. #3: Still Undefeated!

This video will go more depth as compared to Ep. #2, on how he attacks and defends against other Players. He also explains about more Cards he unlocked in the early stages of the game.



Yes, this video is a bit lengthy, however after watching the whole video, I find it very beneficial, especially for beginners as he goes in depth as to how to you can attack and defend by going through replays and playing live. He also explains how you can build a deck and what is needed in a deck. Although you do not have some of the Cards yet, you can replace it with other Cards that are doing the same role. Even though some of his attacks and defense are not what he was looking for, at least, this video explains the correct thought process and plays he was looking for.


Clash With Ash Mobile Gaming – Clash Royale | 4 COMMON BEGINNER MISTAKES (& HOW TO AVOID THEM)

A good short 6 minutes plus clip for beginners to prevent them from making mistakes a lot of people are doing currently and how you can correct them. Do note that you do not need gold to battle with other players and your clanmates anymore.


Clash With Ash Mobile Gaming – Clash Royale | HOW TO COUNTER EVERY CARD IN THE GAME!

A quick video explaining what Cards are good against the other! Could be more in depth, but currently this is the best video currently available on YouTube.



A good video to counter one of the most annoying strategy in Clash Royale. The X-Bow with other defensive cards. It might not guarantee a victory but at least you can hold on to a draw, because everyone hates losing.


Orange Juice – Clash Royale – How to Pull (Lure) / Aggro Units. Basic and Advanced Techniques by yarn

This is a short 3 minutes video which teaches you the 3 different ways of luring troops. The Standard Lure, Chain Lure and Kiting Lure. Applying these 3 Lures will be beneficial for you during battle. The video also tells you what troops you should use for luring and what are the troops that should be lured.

Fun Fact: You can change the X-Bow and Mortar target’s by using a Zap Spell to stun it.

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