Clash Royale – Shop

The Shop in Clash Royale allows you to purchase Cards, Chests, Gems and Gold.



  • From Monday to Saturday, there are 3 cards available for you to purchase. If you are below Arena 8, the cards available will be non-legendary. The cards available can be cards you have have not unlocked yet.
  • If you are Arena 8 and above, Legendary cards will show up on the shop occasionally, including those you have not unlocked yet.
  • The cards up for sale are by their rarities. (Common, Rare and Epic)
  • You can purchase up to 100 Common cards, 50 Rare cards, 10 Epic cards and 3 Legendary cards in every rotation.
  • 3 cards


  • On Sunday, however, the Shop sells 6 Cards. The cards up for sale are by their rarities. (2 Commons, 2 Rares and 2 Epics). If you are in Arena 8 and above, Legendary cards may appear occasionally on Sunday’s as well.
  • weekend cards


  • The price for the Cards INCREASES with every purchase.
  • Legendary Cards can be purchased from the shop when you are in Arena 8 and above. Previously, Legendary Cards CANNOT be purchased in the Shop and they can only be obtain through the Chest. This update is as of 3/5/16.

    Cost of Cards

  • The cost for Common cards start at 2 gold.
  • The cost for Rare cards start at 20 gold.
  • The cost of Epic cards start at 2,000 gold.
  • The cost of Legendary cards start at 40,000 gold.
  • The prices for the different rarities of cards


    Treasure Chest

    3 treasure chest

  • You are able to buy Treasure Chests using Gems. The Treasure Chests purchased will be opened immediately.
  • As shown in the screenshot above, there are only types of Chest you can buy in the Shop. The Giant Chest, Magical Chest and Super Magical Chest.
  • The Arena Number is the Arena you are currently in.
  • The more expensive the Chest, the better the rewards are. (More gold, more cards and a higher chance of getting rarer cards.) Only the Giant Chest drops approximately 3 times as much gold as the Magical Chest.
  • Fun Fact: The Giant Chest can potentially reward you greater than the Magical Chest, but the Magical Chest is more reliable.

    Cost of Chest

    Arena Number Giant Chest Cost Magical Chest Cost Super Magical Chest Cost
    1 210 320 1,600
    2 250 400 2,100
    3 300 470 2,500
    4 320 500 2,800
    5 350 600 3,100
    6 380 600 3,400
    7 410 700 3,700
    8 490 800 4,600



  • You can buy gems using money as well. The price of the Gems depends on your country. In Singapore, you can purchase 80 Gems, 500 Gems, 1,200 Gems, 2,500 Gems, 6,500 Gems and 14,000 Gems. At the cost of $1.48, $6.98, $14.98, $28.98, $68.98, $148.98 respectively.
  • cost of gems



  • Lastly, you can convert your gems to gold. You can convert 60 gems to 1,000 gold, 500 gems to 10,000 gold and lastly 4,500 gems to 100,000 gold.
  • 3 gold


    Conversation Rate for Gold

    Name Amount of Gold Gems Gold per Gem
    Pouch of Gold 1,000 60 16.67
    Bucket of Gold 10,000 500 20
    Wagon of Gold 100,000 4,500 22.22



    • You can buy the Silver and Golden Chests before the 29/2 Update.
    • It is impossible to buy all the Epic Cards in one go because the maximum amount of Gold you can hold is 500,000.


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