Clash Royale – Multiplayer Arena

The Multiplayer Arena in Clash Royale allows you to battle with other Clash Royale players. You are able to gain trophies and chest by winning. Losing will result in loss of trophies. Do note that winning a battle does NOT give you gold and experience.

Now, lets dive into how the Multiplayer Arena works!

  • You are matched with opponent’s with the similar amount of trophies. (Just like Clash of Clans)
  • You are only allowed to carry a MAXIMUM of 10 Elixir. No Elixir will be given after that until Elixir has been used.
  • Each battle last for 3 Minutes. An additional 1 Minute will be added on if there is a tie.
  • Every Player has 2 Arena Tower and 1 Crown Tower. Which defend against enemies troops.
  • The Crown Tower will ONLY START attacking once one of your Arena Tower is destroyed, or when the Crown Tower is damaged.
  • To win a battle, you will have to get MORE crowns than your opponent. To get Crowns, you will have to destroy your opponent’s Tower. Destroying an Arena Tower gives you one crown. Destroying the King Tower grants INSTANT victory.
  • During overtime, whoever gets a crown first, wins. If nobody is able to get a crown during overtime, the battle will be considered a draw and no trophies will be gained/loss. No chest will be given as well.
  • You are able to see what card is given to you next.
  • You will only have a MAXIMUM of 4 cards per hand.
  • In the last 60 seconds or during overtime, you will receive Elixir at twice the normal rate.
  • You can use your Elixir to summon your Cards for both attacking and defending.
  • The number above the troop when deployed, shows the level of the Card.
  • You are able to deploy your Card at opponent’s side of the base when their tower is destroyed.
  • The “!” shown before you deploy your troop means that opponent’s troop will attack your troop when it is deployed.
  • You will receive a Chest if you have a spare Chest slot if you win a battle. Else, no Chest will be given.
  • Do leave a comment below if you guys have any question about the Multiplayer Arena!

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