Clash Royale – Gold


  • Gold is one of the resources in Clash Royale, along with the Elixir, Experience and Gems.
  • Gold can be used to upgrade Cards, buy cards from the Shop, or to create a Clan.
  • The Maximum amount of Gold a player can hold at one time is 1,000,000.

    Ways to get Gold

  • Gold can be found in Chests. Different Chests in different Arenas contain different amount of Gold.
  • Donating cards to your Clan members.
  • For every Common Card you donate, you will be rewarded with 5 Gold.
  • For every Rare Card you donate, you will be rewarded with 50 Gold.
  • Maxing out a Card. After Maxing out a Card, you will still be able to store additional duplicates of the Card. The number of copies depend on its rarity. 100 for Commons, 10 for Rares, 1 for Epics and Legendaries. After maxing out this cap, the copies of the card you receive will be converted into gold. 5 Gold for Commons, 50 Gold for Rares, 1,000 Gold for Epics and 20,000 Gold for Legendaries.
  • Victory Gold. Winning a battle will reward you with Gold. The Gold awarded, depends on the Arena you are in. The higher the Arena you are in, the more Gold you will receive per victory. However, the Victory Gold can only be done a maximum of 20 times per day.
  • You can convert Gems to Gold in the Shop.
  • Name Amount of Gold Gems Gold per Gem
    Pouch of Gold 1,000 60 16.67
    Bucket of Gold 10,000 500 20
    Wagon of Gold 100,000 4,500 22.22


    Usage of Gold

  • Upgrading your Cards. Gold is needed to upgrade your card. The amount of Gold needed increases as the card levels increase. Click here to view the Gold needed for each upgrade.
  • Buying cards from the Shop.
  • Creating a Clan. To create a Clan, you will need 1,000 Gold.


  • The maximum Gold cap was increased to 1,000,000 (from 500,000). This is as of the 3/5/16 update.
  • Buying two Common and Rare cards each, is able to grant you a small profit. They cost 2+4 (6) Gold and 20+40 (60) Gold respectively, in total. Donating a Common card gives you 5 Gold, hence giving you a profit of 3+1 (4) Gold. Donating a Rare Card gives you 50 Gold, hence giving you a profit of 30+10 (40) Gold. This will give you a total profit of 44 Gold.