Clash Royale – How to Deal with Spawner Decks


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The cards above are the spawners available in this game. Spawn Decks can be hard to deal with and it’s basically over once a player gets to spawn a very huge wave of troop and you do not have any splash damage or spells such as Arrows/Fireball to react to it. Therefore, to win against a spawner deck or to at least hold for a draw, here’s a few tips you can follow!



  • Do not hold your attack until the last minute of the battle. The last minute of the battle is when the spawns will dominate as players are able to spam with the x2 Elixir. It is very difficult for you to defend or to even breakthrough their base once this happens.
  • Go for a full attack if your opponent deploys a Barbarian Hut at the early stages of the battle. The Barbarian Hut costs 7 Elixir, hence hindering players from having enough elixirs to defend. Remember to attack the opposite side of the Barbarian Hut to prevent the Barbarians from targeting your troops.
  • Weaken the spawners. One of the spell extremely useful against the spawners is the Rocket. The Rocket can destroy the spawners or significantly damaging them, hence preventing them to have a full spawn.
  • Do not allow players to build up their spawn. Players can stack up their spawns when defending, especially when there is tank card. Hence, you will have to time your attack properly and ensure that you have sufficient elixir to defend. Spawns by itself is not that powerful and it is possible to defend it, but once players get to stack up, you are in for a tough time.
  • Bomb Tower. Even though the Bomb Tower has been nerfed, it is still extremely effective in destroying the spawns as the spawns are squishy.
  • Have troops that deal splash damage in your deck. Having 2-3 troops that deal splash damage is extremely useful in defending against the spawner deck. Examples of cards that are extremely good are: Valkyrie, Wizard and the Baby Dragon.
  • Have spells such as the Arrows, Fireball or Zap. They are extremely good in clearing spawns, especially against the Spear Goblins.

    Things to take note of

  • The Furnace and Tombstone are mostly used for defending as the Fire Spirits/Skeletons spawned are too weak for attacking on their own as they are too squishy.
  • The Tombstone produces 4 Skeletons when destroyed. It is extremely useful when defending against your single-target hitting troops.
  • The Spear Goblins produced by the Goblin Hut are able to get a hit on your tower before dying if they are left unhindered.
  • The Spawners can produce troops faster if they are under the AoE of the Rage spell.

    Just make sure that you control your Elixir well to ensure that you have enough for both attacking and defending. What you put inside your deck is also very important. Just ensure that you have enough troops and spells that deals splash damage and you should be fine against the spawner deck!

    Do leave a comment below to let us know if you have other ways to defend against the spawners!

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