Clash Royale – How to Counter Miner

minerRecently, there has been a lot of complains regarding the buff in the Miner’s hitpoints in the 18 May 2016 Balance Changes, which makes it kinda overpowered. The Miner, is basically a troop card that can be deployed anywhere in the arena. It costs only 3 Elixir, and it is provides us with a decent tank/damage source. Most players deploy it at their opponent’s tower to take some cheap shots. The Miner, however is not totally indestructible. It deals 60% less damage on Crown Towers!

Take note of where the Miner is burrowing. Most of the time, it is towards your tower!



  • Glass-Cannon troops. Troops that deals tons of damage per hit such as the Prince or the Mini P.E.K.K.A can easily take them down.
  • Swarm the Miner. Swarms such as the Minion Horde, is able to deal tons of damage if left unhindered.
  • Bait the Miner to target your troops. The Miner, is a single-target hitting troop, hence it will take quite a while to clear your swarms. It is also not strong enough to take down semi-tank cards such as the Barbarians.
  • Inferno Tower. The damage of the Inferno Tower, increases overtime, hence, it is very effective against semi-tank/tank cards.
  • Zap. The Zap, is able to change the target of the Miner to your troops. The best way is to deploy your troop first, before using the Zap.

    To successfully defeat the Miner, you have to either not allow it to target your tower, or to take it down as soon as possible!

    Feel free to leave a comment below to let us know what other ways we can use to counter against the Miner!


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