Clash Royale – How to Counter the Hog and Freeze Combo


The Freeze Spell, is arguably the most overpowered spell card and it is extremely potent when paired up with the Hog Rider.

Let’s start of with what the Freeze does. The Freeze basically prevents your towers and troops from moving or attacking if they are in the AoE. As it does not deal any damage, it is usually paired up with the Hog Rider to let the Hog Rider get “free hits” on your tower. However, it is not impossible to defend against it.

Hence, how do you counter against the Hog Freeze Combo?



  • Most players will deploy the Hog Rider near the river or just as the card itself, to bait you into deploying your defensive cards near your tower to defend against the Hog Rider. As your card is spawning, they will immediately place the Freeze Spell, to freeze your tower and troops. Just remember this, when there is a Hog Rider, there is a high chance that your opponent has Freeze in his deck.
  • Use a Building Card. Bait the Hog Rider to hit your Building Card instead of your tower. Place your Building Card in the middle of your base as it is the zone where by both your towers can hit the Hog Rider. Do not place it near your tower! You can use a supporting card to deal some damage to the Hog Rider. A good supporting card would be the Spear Goblins as it only cost 2 Elixir! DO NOT place your Building Card first, but instead wait for your opponent to play the Hog Rider before doing so. If you play your Building Card first, chances are your opponent will let the building card run down. An example of a good Building Card to defend against the Hog Rider would be the Cannon. The Cannon cost 3 Elixir as compared to the Hog Rider which cost 4 Elixir. The ideal situation would be your opponent using both the Hog Rider and the Freeze which cost 8 Elixir. He will NOT be able to Freeze both your Building Card and your Tower, hence he will have to decide on which to freeze. After he has used Freeze, you can then use a supporting card to deal extra damage to the Hog Rider. The supporting card does not have to deal a lot of damage itself as there would be more than enough time to destroy the Hog Rider. If you use the Spear Goblins as your supporting card with the Cannon, you will have an elixir profit of 3. The Cannon and Spear Goblins only cost 5 Elixir altogether while the Hog Freeze Combo cost 8 Elixir. With the Elixir Advantage, you can then go for a hard push! Any defensive Building Card will do the job but I would strongly recommend the Cannon!
  • Do note that if your building card doesn’t deal any damage, such as the Elixir Collector, your opponent will definitely be freezing your tower if he decides to use it, hence you might have to use a stronger supporting card such as Barbarians.

  • Use a strong single-hitting target card. You can bait the Freeze by deploying a single-hitting target card to defend against the Hog Rider, such as the Prince. As the Prince deals quite a bit of damage, your opponent will be forced to use his Freeze. If he doesn’t, your Prince will be able to handle the Hog Rider by himself. If the Freeze is used on both your Prince and Tower, then you might have to use another Troop Card to deal some damage such as the Musketeer. However, you will not have an elixir advantage if you use this method.
  • Place a range card in the middle of your base (basically away from your tower) such as Archers. By doing so, your opponent will have to decide whether to Freeze the tower or your card. If the Freeze is used, you will at least have a source of damage. Your opponent may not even use the Freeze if he feels that it isn’t worth it. However, this method is NOT as effective as compared to the first two methods as the Hog Rider can still deal quite a bit of damage.
  • Do not cluster your troops around the Tower or deploy them all at once! The Freeze spell has quite a big AoE, hence if you do either of these the Freeze will just freeze all your troops and Tower.  What you can do is to just deploy a single-hitting target card first and deploy the rest once the Freeze has been used.
  • Use the Rocket. If you do NOT have a building/troop card in your current hand, you can opt to use the Rocket which can deal significant amount of damage or even destroy the Hog Rider, depending on the level of the Hog Rider and the Rocket!

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