Clash Royale – How to Counter Sparky


The Sparky, one of the cards released in the May Update, is one of the cards that is still seldom seen in the Arena. Hence, players might not know how to deal with it as they do not really know how Sparky works and how much damage it exactly does. Most players will back the Sparky up with troops such as the Wizard which deals splash damage, hence you might not be able to just swarm it as your swarms will most probably get taken out before it is able to do anything against the Sparky.



  • Reset the attack of Sparky. The Zap is a very cheap card that only cost 2 Elixir. Even though it deals just a little bit of damage, what is important is that it resets the Sparky’s attack. Which means that the Sparky will have to wait for another 5 seconds before it can attack. The Freeze works the same as well, but it costs 4 Elixir. Drop either of the spell when the Sparky is about to launch it’s attack to waste even more time.
  • Dark Prince/Guards. Both cards have a shield that allows it to withstand one full attack from the Sparky.
  • If your opponent does not have any troops to back the Sparky up, you can use the Minion Horde. Arrows will take quite a while before destroying your Minion Horde.
  • Swarm the Sparky. Deploy them within the range of the Sparky, to bait the Sparky into aiming them. Make sure that your swarm does not get destroyed by the supporting troops. Examples of swarms you can use are the Goblins or the Skeleton Army.
  • Barbarians. The Sparky’s range is just 4.5, hence to attack your tower it will be at the side of your base, hence you can just deploy the Barbarians directly above the Sparky and they can easily destroy it.
  • Building cards. (Preferably towers, and not spawners.) Buildings such as the Inferno Tower is able to bait the Sparky to aim it while allowing both your building and your tower to attack it.

    What you should not do

  • Do not just use spells on their own. Spells by themselves are not strong enough to destroy the Sparky. Support your spells with troops!


    Things to take note of

  • Do not just use spells on their own. Spells by themselves are not strong enough to destroy the Sparky. Support your spells by using some troop cards such as the Spear Goblins etc.
  • The Sparky will knock itself back by a few tiles after every attack.
  • The Sparky is only able to attack land units. Do not use an air troop to bait its attack.
  • The first attack of the Sparky including its deploy time is 6 seconds. Using Zap at the last second can make the Sparky’s first attack be 11 seconds later!

    Lastly, here’s an video illustration from Clash on Gan – Clash Royale & Clash of Clans on how you can fight against the Sparky.


    Feel free to leave a comment below to let us, and the community know how you counter the Sparky!

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