Clash Royale – How to Counter the Royal Giant

royal giant updated

The Royal Giant, one of the cards being buffed by the May update, has resulted in this card being used more frequently. Due to it’s increase in range, it has allowed the Royal Giant to outrange most of the defensive buildings such as the Bomb Tower and Cannon. Due to players seldom playing against it or even using it before the update, they might not be able to defend against it as they do not really know how powerful the Royal Giant is.

Remember, the Royal Giant itself is not that powerful, it is the supporting troops that are used that makes the Royal Giant powerful. A very popular combo would be the Royal Giant and Wizard. The Royal Giant will be focusing on the tower and tanking the damage while the Wizard will focus on destroying the defending troops. As it deals a relatively high amount of splash damage, players will not be able to swarm the Royal Giant. I will be writing about two scenarios, one is the Royal Giant being deployed alone and the other is the Royal Giant being deployed with supporting troops.


Royal Giant Deployed Alone

  • Swarm the Royal Giant with troops. They deal lots of damage when they are left unhindered. You can also gain an elixir advantage if you swarm with just the right amount of troops. An example would be the Minion Horde. The Minion Horde cost just 5 Elixir while the Royal Giant cost 6 Elixir. Hence, you will have an elixir advantage of 1.
  • Inferno Tower. It is the best tower against tanky troops as its damage increases over time. Allow the Royal Giant to walk towards your base first before deploying the Inferno Tower, if not the Royal Giant will just outrange your Inferno Tower. If the Royal Giant is already aiming your tower, you can Zap the Royal Giant. The Zap will make the Royal Giant change it’s target to buildings nearer to him.
  • Mini P.E.K.K.A/Barbarians. Basically any troop that does single-target hitting damage. These troops deal the most amount of damage per attack, hence allowing you take it down asap! It can even be used for counter attacking if opponent’s do not place any troop to support the Royal Giant.
  • Cannon. The Cannon can be used to tank some damage while also dealing some damage as well if you place it at the correct timing and position. This can be used when the Royal Giant is being backed by some other troop, however it is not so effective.

    Royal Giant with Supporting Troops/Spells

    Most of the time, players will back the Royal Giant up with supporting troops that deal splash damage such as the Wizard. Or with spells such as the Arrows to clear your spawns. This one is a little more tricky as you may not know what cards they have.

  • Do not use all your spawns straightaway. Using all your elixirs on spawns is a killer if your opponent has Arrows. What you can do, is to use one of your spawns and back it up with troops such as the Prince or even the Musketeer. At least you will have a source of damage other than your tower if your swarms are destroyed by Arrows.
  • If opponent has supporting troops with the Royal Giant, allow the supporting troops to walk in first before deploying your squishy troops. The Royal Giant will most probably outrange its supporting troops, hence they will not be able to tank for its supporting troops. Deploy your troops once they have walked in. Your troops will take down the supporting damage troops first before focusing on the Royal Giant. If you just deploy your troops straightaway, there is a high chance your troops will focus on the Royal Giant, hence allowing his supporting troop to take down your defending troops. It is best to have a semi-tank damage troop in this scenario such as the Barbarians or Prince.
  • Rocket. The Rocket will definitely take down the supporting damage troop while dealing significant amount of damage on the Royal Giant.
  • Bomb Tower. The Bomb Tower is able to deal splash damage. The Bomb Tower will be able to take down/deal quite a bit of damage onto both the Royal Giant and its supporting troop. You can even support the Bomb Tower by using a troop card such as the Archers to deal even more damage.
  • Inferno Tower. You have to ensure that your Inferno Tower is not being targeted by the supporting troops if not it is pretty useless. Hence, you may have to use a card to tank some damage, such as the Valkyrie.
  • Valkyrie. The Valkyrie is more than able to take down the supporting troop such as the Wizard or Bomber. It is also able to survive from spells such as the Arrows and Fireball. If your opponent is using air troops, you can opt for the Baby Dragon, however, the Baby Dragon does not deal as much damage as the Valkyrie, hence you might want to support the Baby Dragon with Goblins to take down the Royal Giant faster.

    What you should not do against the Royal Giant

  • Deploying your building card too early. If your building card is deployed too early and at the wrong position, the Royal Giant can just destroy it without being damaged by your building card or tower.
  • Wasting all your elixirs on troops that can be easily taken down by splash damage such as Wizard or spells such as Arrows.


    Things to take note of

  • The Royal Giant can outrange most of your defensive cards such as the Cannon. Hence, proper placement is very important if not you will just be wasting your elixir.
  • The Zap is able to change the Royal Giant’s target to building cards that are nearest to him. The Zap is also able to deal damage to it’s supporting troop and lastly, it gives you a 1 second stun which you can capitalize on by deploying troops to deal even more damage without receiving much damage in return.
  • You may want to use the Fireball. The Fireball is able to one shot the Wizard depending on the level of both cards.
  • You may want to use the Freeze if your troops are not strong enough.


    The Royal Giant is not OP and it is possible to defend against it! With these tips, you should be able to defend against the Royal Giant without much of a hassle!

    Feel free to leave a comment below to let us know if you have other ways to defend against it!

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