Clash Royale – How to Run your own Tournament

Clash Royale – How to Run your own Tournament

Recently, Clash Royale just released a post talking about how you can organize your own Clash Royale Tournament.

Before you even organize a Clash Royale Tournament, read up on their Tournament Guidelines to know what are the Do’s and Don’t.

Here are a few steps you can follow to assist you in organizing your own Clash Royale Tournament.

  • Everyone should be in the same clan. Currently, only players in the same clan can battle with one another. Having players makes it difficult for you to collate the players/results. If you are hosting a player with more than 50 players, players should leave the clan when they are eliminated to allow players who are still in the Tournament to join the clan.
  • Use the Friendly Battle. The Friendly Battle, uses the Tournament rules. Capping the cap levels, hence ensuring that the battle is more skill-based.
  • Decide on a Tournament Format. Group Stages? Best of 3? Best of 5? There is no correct way of hosting your own Tournament.A few factors you can consider is the time, and the amount of people you have in your Tournament.
  • Give away Prizes. Having Prizes will motivate your friends/clanmates to take part in your Tournament. Having a prize also makes your Tournament more competitive. Do remember to follow Clash Royale’s Community Tournament Guidelines to see what is allowed and what is not.
  • Keep track of Results. The Tournament Organizer should be responsible for the keeping track of results and to let people know about their matchup and timing. To make things easier, the Tournament Organizer can make use of tools such as Challonge or Toornament.

    Hope these few steps is able to help you in organizing your own Clash Royale Tournament! Have fun Clashing!




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