Clash Royale – Sparky


“Sparky has a heavy-handed approach to life: Obliterate everything in sight.”



  • This card can be found from Arena 6, Builder’s Workshop.
  • This card cost 6 Elixir.
  • The Sparky deals the highest amount of damage per hit.
  • However, it has the slowest attack speed along with the Mortar. At 5 sec.
  • Sparky knocks itself a few tiles back when it attacks.
  • The first attack of the Sparky is 6 seconds. (Including the deploy time)


  • The Sparky can be used to deal huge amount of damage against tanks such as the Golem or Giant.
  • Pair the Sparky up with tank cards such as the Golem to prevent it being targeted.
  • Ensure that you have cards that deal splash damage such as the Wizard to help clear away swarm of troops such as the Spear Goblins so as to prevent the Sparky from wasting an attack on them.
  • Stack up the Sparky to deal tons of damage.


  • It deals tons of damage. In fact, the Sparky deals the most amount of damage per hit.
  • If used correctly, you can easily destroy or significantly damage a tower.
  • Players have no choice but to deploy something to destroy/distract the Sparky.
  • Deals splash damage.


  • Can be easily destroyed by swarms of flying troops or even Skeletons as it is not able to target air troops and it is a single-hitting target card, hence taking a long time to clear them.
  • The Dark Prince or Guards is a good counter against the Sparky as the shield can block the attack and they will not die.
  • First attack, including the deploy time will be 6 seconds. Which is very long.
  • The Zap spell can reset the waiting time of the Sparky’s attack.
  • Opponent can easily react to the Sparky.
  • The Rocket spell can destroy the Sparky.


    Hit Speed Speed Deploy Time Range Target Cost Count Type Rarity
    5 sec Slow 1 sec 4.5 Ground 6 x1 Troop Legendary


    Level Hitpoints Area Damage Damage per second
    1 1,200 1,300 250
    2 1,320 1,430 286
    3 1,452 1,573 314
    4 1,596 1,729 345
    5 1,752 1,898 379



  • Sparky was only introduced to the game on 3/5/16.
  • The tip of the Sparky looks like a level 7 Hidden Tesla in Clash of Clans placed on a wooden cart with wheels.
  • Sparky is currently the only mechanical troop.
  • Sparky is identical to Boom Beach’s Doom Cannon.
  • Sparky is considered a building in a way, hence it is the 3rd “building card” that can deal damage to a Tower, along with the X-Bow and Mortar.
  • When the Sparky is max level, it deals the highest damage per hit of any troop in Clash Royale, at 1,898 damage.
  • A level 1 Sparky deals more damage per hit than a level 8 Balloon. The previous owner of highest damage per hit of any troop. A level 1 Sparky deals 1,300 damage as opposed to the Balloon’s 1,158 damage.
  • The Sparky, however has a lower overall dps as its attack speed is lower. In fact, it has the slowest attack speed along with the Mortar. At 5 sec.
  • The Sparky is currently the one of the card that is capable of killing itself in one hit, along with the Skeletons and Fire Spirits.