Clash Royale – Musketeer


“Don’t be fooled by her delicately coiffed hair, the musketeer is a mean shot with her trusty boomstick.”



  • This card can be found from Tutorial.
  • This card costs 5 Elixir.
  • One of the strongest range troop this game has. Due to her range and damage.
  • Upgrade of the Spear Goblins and Archers.


  • Use with a tank card such as the Golem to allow it to deal damage without getting focused.
  • Use to clear troops from a distance. Hence, deploy it early to allow her to shoot a few times before opponent’s troop arrive.
  • Can be used to destroy the Bomb Tower/Cannon as the Musketeer’s range is higher. Hence they can destroy it without receiving any damage from it.
  • You can deploy it from the middle of your arena to allow her to shoot across receiving close to zero damage as players normally place their troops near the bridge.
  • The Musketeer can be used to destroy the Baby Dragon, if deployed correctly.


  • High damage and range. This allows the Musketeer to win other range troops in a 1v1 scenario.
  • A much stronger card as compared to the Spear Goblins/Archers.
  • Able to destroy the Baby Dragon if deployed correctly.
  • The Musketeer, if deployed correctly, can be used to destroy building cards such as the Cannon without getting damaged by it.


  • Single-hitting unit. Can be easily defeated if opponent has a swarm of troops. Such as, the Skeleton Army.
  • Easily destroyed if left unprotected.
  • Barbarians can easily destroy the Musketeer.


    Hit Speed Speed Deploy Time Range Target Cost Count Type Rarity
    1.1 sec Medium 1 sec 6.5 Air & Ground 4 x1 Troop Rare


    Level Hitpoints Damage Damage per second
    1 340 100 90
    2 374 110 100
    3 411 121 110
    4 452 133 120
    5 496 146 132
    6 544 160 145
    7 598 176 160
    8 656 193 175
    9 720 212 192
    10 792 233 211
    11 870 256 232



  • On 9/2/16, the Musketeer damage was nerfed by 25% while her elixir cost was buffed from 5 to 4.
  • On 19/2/16, the Musketeer damage was buffed by 11%.
  • The face of the Musketeer face is very similar to the Archer. Could they be sisters?
  • Her hair colour looks like the hair of the Level 6 Archer in Clash of Clans. Maybe they went to the same hair salon.