Clash Royale – Miner


“The Miner can burrow his way underground and appear anywhere in the Arena. It’s not magic, it’s a shovel.”



  • This card can be found from Arena 6, Builder’s Workshop.
  • This card cost 3 Elixir.
  • The Miner is a melee troop with high hitpoints.
  • The Miner, can be deployed anywhere on the Arena, hence it is used frequently for sneak attacks or used to steal to a victory.
  • The Miner is the only troop card that deals reduced crown tower damage. (By 60%).


  • The Miner can be used to sneak an attack by deploying behind opponent’s tower.
  • The Miner, can be used to steal a victory by launching a sneak attack on a tower that has very low remaining hitpoints.
  • It can be paired up with different troops such as tank and damage troops. Mainly because the Miner does quite a bit damage and it also has decent hitpoints.
  • The Miner can be used just like the Goblin Barrel.
  • Complements well with the Freeze Spell and Goblin Barrel.


  • The Miner, will definitely force players to react to it, just like the Goblin Barrel, as it does quite a bit of damage if left unhindered. However, unlike the Goblin Barrel, the Goblins can be taken out by the Arrows or Zap, while the Miner will be taken out by these two low costing spells. Hence, making it a better option if you are intending to use it for sneak attacks.
  • The Miner cost 1 elixir lower than the Goblin Barrel.
  • Can be used to steal a victory or to launch a sneak attack.


  • The Miner, deals reduced crown tower damage, hence significantly decreasing the use of it.
  • The Miner, can easily be distracted by a swarm of troops such as the Skeleton Army as it is a single-target hitting troop.
  • Air troops such as the Minions can easily destroy the Miner without being damaged as it can only attack land units.


    Hit Speed Speed Deploy Time Range Target Cost Count Type Rarity
    1.2 Sec Fast 1 Sec Melee Ground 3 x1 Troop Legendary


    Level Hitpoints Damage Damage per second Crown Tower Damage
    1 1,060 160 133 64
    2 1,166 176 146 71
    3 1,282 193 160 78
    4 1,409 212 176 85
    5 1,547 233 194 94



  • The Miner was introduced to the game on 3/5/16.
  • The Miner is the only troop card that can be played anywhere on the Arena. It works the same as the Goblin Barrel. But, the Goblin Barrel flies over the Arena, hence your opponent can see that it is coming easily.
  • The Miner, along with the Ice Wizard and Princess are the cheapest Legendary card, at a cost of 3 Elixir.
  • It is the only troop that deals reduced damage to Crown Towers.
  • The dirt in the arena is uprooted when the Miner is digging to his desired location.
  • Only after the Miner has finished digging, then its deploy time timer will start.
  • The Miner looks like a Builder from Clash of Clans.