Clash Royale – Dark Prince

dark prince updated

“Dealing area damage with each swing and double after charging, the Dark Prince is a formidable fighter. To harm his squishy core, break his shield first.”



  • This card can be found from Arena 7, Royal Arena.
  • This card cost 4 Elixir.
  • The Dark Prince has a shield that soaks up damage before he gets damaged.
  • The Dark Prince deals splash damage and he can only attack land troops/buildings.
  • The Prince has a special ability. It basically grants him 2x damage when he increases his speed while running. Once it hits something, he will immediately lose the bonus. However, he can regain it once he starts moving for a short distance again.


  • Use the Dark Prince with the Prince. The Dark Prince can be used to soak up damage while clearing nearby troops as it has the shield to soak up some damage. While the Prince will either help to wipe out remaining land troop or attack the tower.
  • The Dark Prince can be used defensively. It is extremely effective against the Prince as it has the Shield to tank the Prince x2 damage.
  • It can be used to wipe out squishy troops such as the Spear Goblins as it deals splash damage.


  • The Dark Prince has a shield to soak up some damage for him. If a spell like the Rocket deals 700 damage on him, and if the Dark Prince has his shield, the Dark Prince will not die. The shield will only be destroyed while the rest of the damage will be ignored.
  • The Dark Prince, is a very strong defensive card as it is able to soak up lots of damage, whilst dealing tons of splash damage to surrounding troops.


  • The charge of the Dark Prince can be baited by using a Knight. After the charge damage is used up, the damage of the Dark Prince is not as high as you think it might be.
  • To support the Knight, you can use an air troop such as Minions to help deal even more damage. The Dark Prince is not able to attack air units, hence you do not have to worry about the Dark Prince attacking your Minions.


    Hit Speed Speed Deploy Time Range Target Cost Count Type Rarity
    1.5 sec Medium 1 sec Melee Ground 4 x1 Troop Epic


    Level Hitpoints Shield Hitpoints Area Damage Damage with Ability Damage per second
    1 700 200 125 250 83
    2 770 220 137 274 91
    3 847 242 151 302 100
    4 931 266 166 332 110
    5 1,022 292 182 364 121
    6 1,120 320 200 400 133
    7 1,232 352 220 440 146
    8 1,351 386 241 482 160



  • The Dark Prince was only playable on 29/2/16.
  • The charge speed of the Dark Prince was decreased by 13% on 23/3/16.
  • Just like the Prince, the Dark Prince is not related to Clash of Clans.
  • The Dark Prince is protected a shield, however it has lower hitpoints than the Prince.
  • The Dark Prince deals splash damage while the Prince can only attack one unit at a time.
  • The Dark Prince’s shield and mace falls to the ground when they are destroyed. Just like how the Knight’s sword gets embedded in the Arena’s ground when it gets destroyed.
  • The voice and battlecry of the Dark Prince are muffled. This could be because of the full-face helmet it is wearing.
  • The Prince and the Dark Prince both ride the same breed of horse.
  • The Dark Prince appears to be wearing a chainmail similar to what the Knight is wearing under his armor.