Clash Royale – Baby Dragon


“Flying troop that deals area damage. Baby dragons hatch cute, hungry, and ready for a barbeque.”



  • This card can be found from the Tutorial.
  • This card costs 4 Elixir.
  • The Baby Dragon deals splash damage and it can attack both air and land units.
  • It is a flying unit that shoots out fireballs from its mouth. (Picture a fatter version of Charizard)


  • Use it to clear large waves of troops as it deals splash damage. For example, Skeleton Army.
  • Use to destroy units that can only attack land units as they are not able to attack it.
  • The Baby Dragon, can be used to destroy troops such as the Wizard and Ice Wizard.
  • The Baby Dragon can be used with the Giant, the Giant will tank the damage while the Baby Dragon can help to clear other troops with its splash damage.
  • The Baby Dragon is a very good counter against the Barbarians.
  • It can be used defensively with great effect as it deals splash damage and not every troop can attack it.


  • Splash Damage. Able to take out multiple units at one go.
  • Air unit. Not all units can attack it.
  • One of the strongest air units. Able to wipe out other air units by itself.
  • Targets both air and land units. Hence, it can be used to fight against any other units with other supporting units.


  • Musketeer. If the Musketeer is placed properly and at the correct time, it can destroy the Baby Dragon.
  • Inferno Tower is another way to counter it. The Inferno Tower damage increases overtime, so it can out-trade the Baby Dragon.
  • Getting baited by high hitpoint units. For example, the Giant. The Giant can be used to bait the Baby Dragon to attack him while using other units such as Archers to take it down.
  • A well placed Minion Horde can destroy the Baby Dragon.


    Hit Speed Speed Deploy Time Range Target Cost Count Type Rarity
    1.8 sec Fast 1 sec 3.5 Air & Ground 4 x1 Troop Epic


    Level Hitpoints Area Damage Damage per second
    1 800 100 55
    2 880 110 61
    3 968 121 67
    4 1,064 133 73
    5 1,168 146 81
    6 1,280 160 88
    7 1,408 176 97
    8 1,544 193 107



  • Seems like a weaker version of the Dragon from Clash of Clans. Could it be the son of the Dragon?
  • Dragons could be too big for the Arena or they are too hard to be controlled hence they are not in this game.