Clash Royale – Rocket


“Deals high damage to a small area. Looks really awesome doing it. Reduced damage to Crown Towers.”



  • This card can be found from Arena 3, Barbarian Bowl.
  • This card costs 6 Elixir.
  • The Rocket is currently the spell that deals the most damage.
  • It is a powerful missile that deals splash damage.
  • It is launched from the King’s Tower, similar to Arrows and Fireball.


  • Most players use to to aim opponent’s tower instead of troops.
  • Can be used on Spawning Cards, such as the Goblin Hut to either destroy it or significantly damage it, hence there will be lesser spawns.
  • If it is used on troops, it is mostly used to weaken troops that has high hitpoints. For example, the Giant.
  • Can be used to defend when there is a small group of troop clustered together.
  • However, due to it’s small AoE, it is difficult to cast it accurately, so I would suggest to aim it at your tower when they are about to attack. 2 seconds before reaching would be a good timing as it takes time for to be launched.
  • Can be used to steal a victory by deploying it at a Tower that has low remaining hitpoints.
  • Can be used with the X-Bow deck.


  • Deals the most damage for a spell.
  • Can be used to destroy a towers with low remaining hitpoints.
  • Can be used to weaken high hitpoint troops, such as the Giant.
  • Can be used to weaken troops that has high damage, such as the Prince.
  • Splash Damage. Can be used to destroy a wave of troops as well.


  • High Elixir Cost.
  • Difficult to aim due to it’s small AoE.
  • Risky as players might miss and get nothing, hence you will be at an Elixir disadvantage and opponent can capitalize on it by deploying even more troops.


    Radius Cost Type Rarity
    2 6 Spell Rare


    Level Area Damage Crown Tower Damage
    1 700 280
    2 770 308
    3 847 339
    4 931 373
    5 1,022 409
    6 1,120 448
    7 1,232 493
    8 1,351 541
    9 1,484 594
    10 1,631 652
    11 1,792 717



  • On 19/2/16, the damage to the Crown Tower is nerfed by 20%.
  • There is a skull on the Rocket’s chassis. Could it be a sign that it is launched by the Skeletons?