Clash Royale – Poison

poison updated

“Covers the target area in a sticky toxin, damaging and slowing down troops and buildings. Remember: solvent abuse can kill!”



  • This card can be found from Arena 5, Spell Valley.
  • This card cost 4 Elixir.
  • The Poison is an upgraded version of Arrows, it deals more damage overtime.
  • Upgrading of the card does not increase only increases it’s damage per second.
  • The Poison lasts for 10 seconds.


  • Use the poison to deal with a group of troop. It is extremely effective squishy troops such as the Minion Horde. It works perfectly fine against the Barbarians as well. Though you might need a bit of extra damage from supporting troops such as the Spear Goblins.
  • The Poison is able to slow down troops as well, hence you can use it to slow incoming troops for your ranged troops or towers to get a few more hits of them.
  • The Poison, can also decrease the attack speed of troops in its AoE, hence you can use it to defend by deploying it around your tower to allow your troops/towers to receive lesser hits.
  • The Poison, is also extremely effective offensive. When you have a swarm of troop at your opponent’s base, deploy the Poison around them or at opponent’s tower, rendering them from deploying troops in the AoE. As they will be significantly damaged. They will also not be able to place squishy troops such as the Minion Horde as it will just get wiped out by the Poison.
  • Deploy the Poison slightly earlier, before the troops reach your tower as the Poison’s damage per second is not so high, hence you will have to deploy it earlier, if not opponent’s troops can still attack your tower.


  • The duration of the Poison is very high.
  • Other than just dealing damage, it slows down opponent’s attack and movement speed.
  • It has quite a huge AoE.
  • As the Poison lasts for 10 seconds, it is more effective than the Arrows as it deals much more damage while also allowing you to slow opponent’s attack and movement speed.
  • The Poison, cost 1 more Elixir more than the Arrows but it offers much more.


  • The Poison, deals damage overtime, hence it might not be able to wipe out squishy troops at one go. Hence, you have to deploy the Poison slightly earlier.


    Radius Duration Cost Type Rarity
    3.5 10 sec 4 Spell Epic


    Level Damage per second Crown Tower Damage
    1 42 17
    2 46 19
    3 50 20
    4 55 22
    5 62 25
    6 67 27
    7 73 30
    8 81 33



  • The Poison was only introduced to the game on 29/2/16.
  • The damage of the Poison was buffed by 5% on 23/3/16.
  • It works the similarly to the Poison in Clash of Clans, but it deals damage to buildings and the damage is fixed, unlike in Clash of Clans where it scales overtime.
  • It has the same deployment and sound animation in Clash of Clans.