Clash Royale – Freeze


“Freezes troops and buildings, making them unable to move or attack. Everybody chill.”


  • This card can be found from Arena 4, P.E.K.K.A Playhouse.
  • This card costs 4 Elixir.
  • The main purpose of this card is to prevent buildings/troops in the AoE from attacking and moving.


  • The Freeze spell is very potent when used in conjunction with high damage troops such as Balloon to deal tons of damage to buildings and Towers.
  • Another combination which is very potent would be to use the Freeze with Hog Rider, it is able to deal tons of damage to buildings and Towers.
  • Once the high damage troop is summoned, the Freeze spell will then be cast on opposing troops and the targeted Tower, freezing and rendering them to be unable to move or attack, while your troop deals tons of damage and run havoc in their base.
  • Freeze can also be used defensively to halt incoming opposing troops, especially those glass cannon troops.
  • Freeze opponent’s troop that deals huge amount of damage such as the P.E.K.K.A, to render it from dealing any damage while stacking up your army as you will have an Elixir Advantage and your opponent will have trouble defending against you.


  • Versatility. Able to be used for both attacking and defending.
  • Very powerful spell. Basically prevents opponent buildings and troops from doing anything if in the AoE.
  • Strong support spell. Freezing opposing troops and buildings allow your glass cannon troops to shine.
  • Freezing incoming opposing troops in your half allows you to stack up an army in your area to launch a counter-attack.


  • Does zero damage.
  • Needs to be used in conjunction with other cards to be useful.


    Radius Cost Type Rarity
    3 4 Spell Epic


    Level Duration
    1 4 sec
    2 4.3 sec
    3 4.6 sec
    4 4.9 sec
    5 5.2 sec
    6 5.5 sec
    7 5.8 sec
    8 6.1 sec



  • On 2/2/16, Freeze spell’s AoE (Area of Effect) was reduced to 3 (from 4) while its duration is decreased to 0.3 seconds per level (from 0.4 seconds).
  • The Freeze Spell has exactly the same characteristics as its Clash of Clans counterpart.
  • The duration of the Freeze Spell has been decreased by 1 sec. This is as of the 18/5/16 update.