Clash Royale – Goblin Hut

goblin_hut“Building that spawns Spear Goblins. But don’t look inside. You don’t want to see how they are made.”



  • This card can be found from Arena 1, Goblin Stadium.
  • This card costs 5 Elixir.
  • The Goblin Hut, if left undamaged, will last for a Minute.
  • Can be used for both attacking and defending.
  • The Spear Goblin’s produced, will be 2 level higher than the Goblin Hut.
  • The Goblin Hut produces 1 Spear Goblin/4.9s.


  • The Goblin Hut complements well with other buildings that produces troops such as Barbarian Hut and Tombstone. To swarm the opponent.
  • Can be used to defend against other spawning buildings due to its range. Especially against Tombstone. As the Spear Goblins can easily outduel the Skeletons produced.
  • Deploy the Goblin Hut behind towers to allow the Goblin Hut to produce the maximum amount of Spear Goblins. The maximum number of Spear Goblins the Goblin Hut can produce is 12 Spear Goblins.
  • Deploy the Goblin Hut defensively to allow the Spear Goblins to be a swarm, which can be used for counterattacking.
  • The Goblin Hut, can be used as a bait for target-building cards to hit it, instead of your Towers.
  • Can be used to slow down the tempo of the battle.


  • Spear Goblins produced can target both air and land troops.
  • Flexibility. Can be used for both attacking and defending.
  • The Spear Goblins used to defend can be used for counterattacking because it may lead to a massive amount of Spear Goblins being produced while defending.
  • If the Spear Goblin, is left untouched, it can hit opponent’s Tower, once. However, the damage is very low.
  • If the Goblin Hut is left undamaged, it can produce up to 12 Spear Goblins. You will need 8 Elixir if you deploy them manually, hence giving you an Elixir profit of 3.


  • Easily destroyed by spells such as Fireball and Goblin Barrel.
  • Spear Goblins produced are quite squishy, hence it can be easily killed by other troops.
  • A swarm of Spear Goblins can be easily countered just by using Arrows.


    Spawn Speed Deploy Time Lifetime Cost Type Rarity
    4.9 sec 1 sec 1 min 5 Building Rare


    Level Hitpoints Spear Goblin Level
    1 700 3
    2 770 4
    3 847 5
    4 931 6
    5 1,022 7
    6 1,120 8
    7 1,232 9
    8 1,351 10
    9 1,484 11
    10 1,631 12
    11 1,792 13



  • Looks like the Goblin Hut in Clash of Clans – Single Player Campaign.
  • Many players uses it to protect their Crown Towers from troops that target buildings. However, I personally prefer to use it for counterattacking.